Best Kerosene Heaters Reviews

Dyna-Glo RMC 95C6B Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater
Heats up to 1,000 square feet
Dependable - Ideal for emergency use or daily use
Economical - Cut heating bills by warming only occupied areas
Dyna-Glo KFA50DGD 50,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater
Safety auto fuel shutoff and overheat shutoff protection
Separate fuel cap and exclusive run time fuel gauge
On/off power switch with led error light
Sengoku HeatMate 10,000 BTU Portable Indoor/Outdoor Radian Kerosene Heater
Perfect for emergency heating or zone heating of rooms up to 380 square feet
The large capacity 1.2 gallon/4.5 liter fuel tank will keep you warm for up to 14 hours on one fill
Features an automatic safety shut off, easy push button start

Best kerosene heaters

We have plenty of options to keep ourselves warm these days, and we do not rely on wood alone. We use electricity, gas, and whatever else derives from those two. While electricity and gas per se are pretty common, there are other ways to produce heat, and not all of them will cost you that much. I am talking about kerosene heater. You have to admit that kerosene is not given so much credit. For various reasons, people do not want to use them, but it is just like not wanting to live near a nuclear plant. Nothing terrible is going to happen, but you do not want to take that chance, right?

We all heard that kerosene is used for planes and rockets as fuel, but it is a fuel, after all, which means it can be used for other purposes. One of those purposes is to produce heat. Hence the kerosene heater. It is an inexpensive, reliable source of heat, and people who buy them seem pretty satisfied with their efficiency.

Kerosene heaters – advantages and disadvantages

As you can imagine, every single thing is this world has pros and cons, and the kerosene is no different. However, as long as the benefits exceed the disadvantages, we are on the right track. So, we are going to start with the benefits.

  • A kerosene heater is an excellent backup heater – since this heater does not run on electricity, it is a fantastic alternative for when the power is out. Instead of getting a generator which is more expensive, you get a kerosene heater, and you can get warm. Of course, you cannot get the other things running, but when it is cold outside, staying warm is more important than watching TV or have your fridge running.
  • It is more efficient than other fuels – kerosene is very efficient as a fuel, which is why it lasts a lot longer than gasoline or diesel fuel, for example. You can store it for an extended period of time, and it takes less room than other means of heating, let’s say wood. Furthermore, one gallon of kerosene can run a heater for quite some time.
  • There is no odor – kerosene heaters do not emit smoke or other smells. Of course, there is some kerosene odor when you first use it, but it is Wood, for example, can turn your entire room black from smoke.
  • Kerosene heaters do not make a sound – most models do not make noise, but there are some who do. Even so, the noise is, again, negligible.
  • It is easy to maintain – maintenance does not require much effort, and if you do it regularly, it supports the heater’s efficiency. The heater is also durable and dependable as long as proper maintenance is done.
  • There are no concerning safety issues – as long as you and the members of your family follow the safety guidelines as recommended by the manufacturer, you will be safe at all times. Also, you need to keep your home properly ventilated. Other than that, you are in no danger


For the sake of full disclosure, you should know that there are a few cons as well. However, I do not consider them such a big deal because they are easy to overcome with some diligence and attention.

  • Carbon monoxide – kerosene heaters produce more carbon monoxide than any other sources of heat. However, as long as you keep your home ventilated while you use it, everything should be alright. If you want to feel safer, my recommendation is that you purchase a carbon monoxide detector.
  • It can be pricey – if you want to purchase classic kerosene, you need to spend more money than you think.
  • If you use another fuel instead of kerosene, you can experience breakage. Or even worse, an explosion. I do not know why anyone would do that, which is against any safety guideline, but it is worth mentioning.
  • It is a fire hazard – any device that produces heat using fuel is a fire hazard. That is why you need to keep the heater away from the use of children, and of course, you need to keep the heater away from anything inflammable such as furniture, clothes, etc.

How to choose the best kerosene heater?

Kerosene heaters can prove to be highly effective if you are looking for another way to stay warm during the winter. However, you need to know what to consider before you make a purchase. That way you can find a cost-efficient device without spending too much money on its acquisition. With that being said, here is what you need to look at.

  • Safety – this should always be the first thing on your list. When you look at products, make sure that the kerosene heater you want has some safety measures such as an anti-tip sensor which notifies the heater that it is tilted or tipped over. That will automatically shut it off. Also, and auto shut off for when it is out of kerosene is recommended. Lastly, a protective grid around the heater is almost always a must. It depends on what you are using the kerosene heater for.
  • Efficiency – classic kerosene is not the cheapest, which is why you need to know the heater’s strength. It is measured in BTU, just like with air conditioning machines, and the standard is 23,000. Of course, you can find both lower and higher than that. A 23,000 BTU kerosene heater may be able to heat 1000 square feet, but it will not handle 3000. Also, the more heat it can produce on a single tank of fuel, the better.
  • Design – this is a matter of preference, but it also matters where you are going to put the heater. For example, the circular kerosene heaters produce heat 360 degrees around it, so it is ideal for a large room. Then there are the canons, as some people call them, which generate massive amounts of heat in a single direction. Also, you need to make the difference between compact and portable, or fixed models that are difficult to drag around.

What are the best kerosene heaters?

Now that you know how to choose the best kerosene heater, it is time to actually practice what you learned. Something else that may help you is to read some kerosene heaters reviews online, just to see what other people bought. That way you can form an opinion. If not, you can simply choose one of the three models above and call it a day.

Dyna-Glo RMC 95C6B Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater

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The Dyna-Glo kerosene heater is one of the best-selling products in this category. Thousands of people are satisfied with its efficiency, which is why I thought you are going to like it as well. It is designed for indoor only, and with a power of 23,000 BTU, it can easily heat up about 1000 square feet. You can use it both as a primary heat source, as well as a backup for when you experience a power blackout.

This kerosene heater is a durable and dependable unit. As I said, you can use it daily or whenever necessary, but what is really great about it is its cost efficiency. Just as the title suggests, this is a convection kerosene heater, which means that it will cut the heating bill by warming only occupied areas. If you are not in the room, the device will not run, thus saving you some cash. And since the design is circular, this unit heats up everyone 360 degrees around it.

As for ease of use, you do not have to worry about it. The Dyna-Glo kerosene heater is convenient and easy to use, the ignition is automatic, and you can shut it off with a simple touch. As for safety measures, this unit has a built-in safety switch that shuts the power off if it gets knocked over. There is a metal grid all around the heater to prevent burns.

Dyna-Glo KFA50DGD 50,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater

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This particular kerosene heater is manufactured by Dyna-Glo, just as the previous product. However, it is a lot different. This is what some people refer to as a hot-air canon, and is designed to heat large spaces. It is used mostly in industrial spaces, but nothing stops you from putting it in your garage. Of course, it is a bit much for your garage, but you get the point.

With a power of 50,000 BTU, this kerosene heater, this unit will easily heat up a surface area of 1200 square feet for 14 hours. It features a sure-fire spark plug ignition so that you do not have to do a thing. Except for pushing a button, of course. The aluminum enclosed 1-Pc motor ensures the unit’s durability, and the fuel gauge will show you how many hours the unit will work on the fuel that is left.

Other useful features include a safety auto shut-off and overheat shutoff protection. The on/off button also has an LED error light, but one of the best things about this kerosene heater is that is can use an auxiliary power source using a piggyback cord. Furthermore, this kerosene heater runs on diesel as well, just in case you find kerosene too expensive.

Sengoku HeatMate 10,000 BTU Portable Indoor/Outdoor Radian Kerosene Heater

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Last but not least, this is yet another product that I think you will find most useful. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and it has a compact design. As a result, if you want, you can take it with you on a trailer, when you go camping, or even put it in the backyard when it is a bit cold but you like to drink your coffee outside. This small but potent kerosene heater will keep you warm.

As you can imagine, with a power of 10,000 BTU this compact unit cannot handle a large surface. But you cannot have a compact design that heats up 1000 square feet, that is for sure. The unit has an automatic igniter and an easy flame adjuster. The safety features include automatic shut-off when the heater gets knocked over or is tilted. There is also a protective safety guard to prevent you or your family from accidentally touching the unit and getting burned.

One of the best things about this small kerosene heater is that it is very cost-efficient. It can run on a full tank, which is 1.2 gallons, for 14 hours straight. That is pretty impressive for such a small heater. Even so, that is the primary reason why people like and purchase this model. After all, you buy a kerosene heater to save money on heating, and this model achieves that

My recommendation

All three products above are different and can be used for different purposes. However, my choice remains the Dyna-Glo RMC 95C6B Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater. It has all the features one may look into a kerosene heater. It is not very expensive, it is cost-efficient while you use it, and it heats up a pretty large space. It is ideal for heating up the living room during a power outage, or you can buy a few of them and heat up the entire house. The choice is yours. However, all those features make me believe that this is one of the best kerosene heaters you can find at that price.


I actually wonder why people overlook kerosene heaters when they need to find heating alternatives. Maybe they are afraid. After all, kerosene is a potent fuel. However, if you follow all the safety guidelines, you will be safe with a kerosene heater just as you are safe with a water heater. The key factor here is to buy the right unit. One of the products above are among the best, and they will keep you warm and safe. Click here to buy on Amazon

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